Get to know us

Are you interested in learning more about Beth Shalom or would you like to becoming a member? If so, you should take the opportunity to personally meet our members and give them the opportunity to meet you.

You are welcome to join us for a service, party, or a get together like „Freitag um halb sechs“ (a casual meeting before Kabbalat Shabbat on 17:30). This would also allow you to take the necessary step of meeting the Rabbi. Or if you would prefer, you can also set up an appointment to meet with the Rabbi.

Before your visit, please contact our office, so we can properly greet you.

The synagogue office can also provide you with the formal membership registration forms. After you have completed all the necessary forms they will need to be approved by the Rabbi. After that, the Synagogue Board will review your application. This approval process is usually conducted with-in a month of your application.