Any Jewish individual can become a regular member of Beth Shalom. In accordance with the Jewish tradition, a Jew is either born to a Jewish mother or they have converted to Judaism under the supervision of the Bet Din.

Regular members may partake in the aspects of the service reserved for persons of the Jewish religion, for example being called to the Torah, reading or carrying the Torah or opening the Ark. Additionally, only regular members have the right to vote in elections.

If someone is born to a Jewish father but not a Jewish mother we encourage them to become a sustaining member. They can then become a regular member after a period of study and a status review from the Bet Din.

Non-Jewish family members are very welcome to participate in Beth Shalom activities and are also encouraged to become sustaining members.

Children of a non-Jewish parent can also participate in our religion classes. The non-Jewish parent must declare their acceptance that their child is being raised according to Jewish traditions. If a child of a non-Jewish mother would like to have a Bar or Bat-Mitzvah then then they also need to undergo a study period and a status review from the Bet Din.